New York Strip Steak 11-12oz

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This cut of steak is one of the most coveted of steaks and served as it’s center piece in many steakhouses across America.  The New York Stip is the cut found in the Sirloin section of the cow, right in front of the back legs.  Quick to cook and ideal for grilling, broiling, and frying, this is a versatile cut.  This boneless cut is juicy and lean with a soft buttery texture.  Good marbling of fat makes this a very tasty steak.  The New York Strip Steak is essentially the perfect steak for any occasion.  The cut is also known as “Top Sirloin Steak” which is one part of the “Porterhouse Steak” with the Filet Mignon.  Truly the creme de la creme of steaks!

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